Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the HPCA?

    The HPCA, or Homecare Professional Contractors Alliance, is an association of Atlanta contractors that pledge professional service, quality workmanship, and the fair treatment of customers.

  • Why should I use an HPCA contractor?

    Peace of mind. Every member of the HPCA is carefully scrutinized and must meet rigorous standards demonstrating a history of outstanding service. In addition to that, all contractors sign an Oath of Excellence Pledge that obligates them to perform at the highest standards. Furthermore, each contractor is reviewed every three (3) months to insure that they are still delivering quality workmanship and supreme customer service by a Peer Review Board.

    • What does the Oath of Excellence state?

      Read the HPCA Oath of Excellence here

  • What recourse does a homeowner have should a contractor fail them?

    The HPCA has created a third party to mediate complaints between unhappy homeowners and their contractors. This third party is impartial and will strive to achieve a reasonable resolution for both parties. It is, however, always in the homeowner’s best interest to perform their due diligence before hiring anyone.

    If a pattern of repeated complaints develops regarding a specific contractor then that contractor’s application to the HPCA will be reviewed by the HPCA Director and the selection committee, which will likely result in their expulsion.

  • What is the typical make-up of an HPCA contractor?

    All of the Homecare Professional Contractor Alliance members are Atlanta residents with small to mid-sized family businesses that are locally owned and operated. Most are also recognized industry leaders and respected as such.

  • How can companies become a member of HPCA?

    Any Atlanta contractors interested in becoming an HPCA member should contact Larry Hughes via phone at 678-494-4884 or email at larry@hughesdry.com

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In November of 2005, a handful of reputable Atlanta Contractors banded together to address a number of essential homeowners and contractor needs. A home contractor alliance was formed.

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