Joining the Atlanta Homecare Professional Contractors Alliance

Contractors interested in joining the HPCA can contact the HPCA Director, Larry Hughes at 678-494-4884 or by email at Membership is only available to organizations that do not provide services currently offered by any other HPCA member. In addition to that, all potential members must meet the following requirements:

  • Serve the North Metro Atlanta area
  • Provide 4 trade references
  • Submit the names of 10 clients served within the last 6-7 months
  • Demonstrate a strong track record of exceptional customer service
  • Commit to Constitution and By-Laws of the Atlanta HPCA and sign the HPCA Oath of Excellence

Furthermore, a peer review board will examine each HPCA member every three months. This is to ensure that organizations are maintaining service at the highest levels. Any contractors that cannot continuously deliver the best service will be expelled from the Alliance.

Benefits of Membership for Contractors

Forge Relationships
Members of the HPCA of Atlanta meet for breakfast twice a month to forge personal relationships with each other. Each member is asked to briefly describe their product or service while one member has an opportunity to delve into much greater detail for 15 minutes. In this way each member gains an even greater understanding and confidence in the services and abilities of the other Alliance members.

Receive Leads

There is an average of 20-50 leads passed at each meeting that translates into thousands of dollars in new business.

Gain Respect

Whenever a contractor can help their customer find another contractor who competently solves another homecare issue, a greater level of respect is rightly earned.

Peace of Mind

“In my heart of hearts, I know without a shadow of a doubt that when I refer a fellow Alliance contractor, my client will be cared for and nurtured to the same degree we provided. That’s peace of mind!” – President of Hughes Professional Carpet Cleaning, Larry Hughes